Why Blackstock Hay?

Blackstock Hay Sales pride themselves on great quality hay and great quality service.

We stand by all of our products.

If you're not completely satisfied, we're happy to replace your hay with something better suited for your animals' needs.

Current Stock

Download more information on how to read hay analysis sheets. Prices subject to change so please call for more information and current pricing.

Jul. 13/18
Early morning loading before the heat starts. Really nice Timothy/Alfalfa mix. Awesome horse hay if anyone is looking. Contact Blackstock Hay Sales.
#blackstockhaysales&transport #horsehay #timothyalfalfa #2018hay #reallygreen #smallbales

Jul. 11/18
Hay hauling, Blackstock Hay and Transport.
#feedlothay #cowhay #bigbales

Jul. 06/18
Load of feeder hay, big bales.
Blackstock Hay Sales.

Jul. 02/18
Beautiful sunny day in Eastern Washington.
#dairyhay #horsehay #bigbales #blackstockhayandtransport

Jun. 21/18
Blackstock Hay Sales.

Jun. 06/18
2018 1st cut dairy hay coming to a Chilliwack dairy farm.
#green #dairyhay #hayhauler #horsehay #bigbales #blackstockhaysales

Jun. 04/18
Today's load of dairy hay.

Jun. 01/18
Another load of small bales. Really nice Washington Grass/Alfalfa 3rd cut. Call us if you're looking for hay.
All types available. One ton to trailer loads. We deliver around the Lower Mainland.
$520 a ton delivered, $20-21/bale.

Apr. 30/18
Nice day out here hauling hay. 2 loads of dairy hay coming to the coast. Levi is loaded down and looking good too.

Apr. 28/18
Washington Orchard Grass/Alfalfa 3rd cut. Really green and soft. Awesome horse hay. 80% orchard grass, 20% alfalfa.
$20 per bale pickup, $520 a ton delivered. Other hay available.

Apr. 25/18
3 loads in 3 days. Really nice Washington Grass/Alfalfa 3rd cut.
90% grass, 10% alfalfa. Super soft and green. Awesome horse hay. Call us if you're looking for hay.
One ton to full loads. Free delivery around the Fraser Valley. Blackstock Hay Sales.
#horsehay #blackstockhaysales

Apr. 24/18
Washington Timothy 2nd cut. Really soft and green. Fine stem. 3 string bales.
Give us a call. Free delivery around the Fraser Valley from Blackstock Hay Sales.
$520 a ton delivered, 18 bales per ton.
#horsehay #blackstockhay

Apr. 23/18
Washington Alfalfa.
Almost feels like summer. We sell all types of horse hay and dairy hay. Give us a call. This is a load of feeder hay for a dairy in Abbotsford from Blackstock Hay Sales.
#blackstockhay #horsehay #cowhay #dairyhay #bigsquares #feederhay #smallsquares

Feb. 22/18
Washington Alfalfa 2nd cut.
Great horse hay. Call us if you're looking for hay.
All types available. We deliver a ton to trailer loads.
#horsehay #softandgreen #hayhauler #2string #superb #blackstockhay

Feb. 19/18
Washington Alfalfa.
Nice day for a load of dairy feeder hay.
#dairyhay #cowhay #feederhay #fraservalley #pete #blackstockhay

Feb. 14/18
Washington 3 string Timothy 2nd cut, very clean, excellent horse hay.
$510 a ton delivered.

Feb. 14/18
Blackstock Hay Sales is also working on supplying the dairy industry with hay now.
Competitive prices.
Never have problems with trucks.
We run all our own.

Big bale alfalfa
Low potassium
Calf hay
Annual rye straw

Feb. 14/18
Another load of Washington Timothy 2nd cut.
Delivering to the Fraser Valley.
#horsehay #blackstockhay

Jan. 27/18
Timothy big bales, 1400lbs, excellent horse hay.
$250 a bale pickup, delivery can be arranged.

Dec. 24/17
Big bale Timothy 2nd cut, excellent horse hay!
4x4 bales roughly 1400lbs.
$250 a bale.

Dec. 11/17
Beautiful Washington Alfalfa big bales.

Dec. 02/17
Beautiful Washington Alfalfa 2nd & 3rd cuts, very green and fine.
Excellent horse hay, no rain, 90lb bales.
$21 per bale pickup, delivery can be arranged. Other hay available.

Nov. 04/17
Low sugar Washington Timothy/Alfalfa mix 2nd cut.
$495 a ton delivered.

Washington Grass/Alfalfa mix 2nd cut, beautiful hay.
80% grass, 20% alfalfa. Low sugar, 90lb bales.
$23 pickup ton price delivered.
All hay is guaranteed. If you don't like it, we will replace it.

Sep. 15/17
Alfalfa 2nd cut, green, not too coarse!
9% WSC sugars, 18% protein, good performance horse hay.
Heavy bales, call for pricing.

Aug. 25/17
Alfalfa 3rd cut, really fine stem, green, soft!
Low 8% WSC sugars, high 21% protein, very high RFVI.
$21 a bale pickup.

Jul. 12/17
Headed to Chilliwack with a semi load of premium 2nd cut alfalfa!

Jul. 03/17
Washington orchard grass 1st cut, 23 bales in a ton.
Really green hay, fully barn stored, no damage, clean, excellent horse hay!
$420 a ton delivered anywhere in the lower mainland!

Jun. 13/17
Washington Timothy 2nd cut arriving tonight!

Jun. 10/17
2017 hay has already arrived!

May 30/17
Washington grass/alfalfa 2nd cut, 80/20 mix.
Super soft green hay -> $480 a ton delivered and stacked!

May 14/17
Washington Timothy 2nd cut, 21 bales in a ton.
Great horse hay, very clean, no rain -> $470 a ton delivered!

May 14/17
Alfalfa/grass hay, 60/40 mix, 68lb bales.
Average green, no rain, good horse hay 11% protein, 7% WSC sugars-> $440 a ton delivered!

Apr. 10/17
Interior alfalfa/grass 2nd cut, 50/50 mix, 65lb bales.
Tested low sugar, no rain or mold -> $15 a bale delivered!

Mar. 12/17
Washington alfalfa 2nd cut, 100lb bales -> $20 a bale pickup.

Feb. 01/17
Washington alfalfa 4th cut, very green and fine with lots of leaf.
100lb bales -> $21 a bale pickup, or delivery can be made available.

Jan. 23/17
Timothy 2nd cut in big bales, 3'x4'x8', 1190lb.
Green, clean hay, great for horses -> $195.

Aug. 01/16
Excellent Washington alfalfa/grass 2nd cut.
Very green and fine, no rain -> $21 a bale pickup.
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Our News

October 20 - 21: Come down to Blackstock Hay Sales at the Mane Event for a chance to win a ton of hay!

Blackstock Hay Sales has proudly sponsored a Cactus Saddlery trophy saddle for the roping series!

July 14: Please help support BC Wildfire Relief!

Blackstock Hay Sales is proud to support the local horse industry. We were glad to sponsor at the Kick Up The Dust barrel race, with Simone Lamberton the over-the-moon owner of her very first peewee trophy saddle!

Blackstock Hay Sales on Facebook Visit our NEW & UPDATED FACEBOOK PAGE!
Lots of new hay and lots more to come! We will have frequent updates so stay tuned for more news.

Hay Types

We offer a wide variety of hay products. Please call for more information and current prices.

timothy Timothy has been highly sought as a traditional horses hay. It provides the adequate fibre roughage they need to maintain intestinal track health, along with a typically low WSC, or sugar content. Many horses with allergy issues will do better with a timothy type hay.
orchard Orchard Grass is one of the best alround "local" grass varieties. It provides the fibre substance many animals need, without being too stalky, or as high in sugar content as ryegrass.
alfalfa Alfalfa is an excellent feed for both cattle and horses. Because most alfalfas tend to be high in protein, you can often feed less hay or reduce the amount of grain you feed. It also tends to be low in WSC, the sugar content, which can help metobolically challenged horses.
alfalfamix Alfalfa Mix can provide both the benefits of alfalfa and grass roughages, often balancing their higher ends of the scale. For horses, it lowers the protein of a straight alfalfa, yet does not have as high a sugar content as a straight grass hay. As more tends to be fed than a straight alfalfa per feeding, it keeps your horse "grazing" for longer, thus helping to prevent ulcers and other gastrointestinal issues.
local Local Hay is often a mix of several orchardgrass, fescues, ryegrasses and/or clover varieties. Considering the typically high sugar content of most local hays in the Fraser Valley region, it is best to have these hays tested at a lab for results.
straw Straw has long been a preferred bedding for recovery, calving and foaling stalls.
bedding Wood Bedding Pellets are coming into market popularity, by horse, cat, rabbit and hobby chicken owners. As they expand when coming into contact with wetness, they are ideal for taking to shows or using as a litter replacement.

Big round bales are a convenient way of feeding cattle, allowing them to graze off the sides until the next bale needs to be put out. These haylage or silage rounds are typically only recommended for feeding dairy or beef animals.

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